The Best way to make Money Online in 2020

The Best Way to Make Money Online in 2020 and Beyond

ClickBank is surely one of the Granddaddies of Online Money Making using Digital Products. ClickBank has made thousands of people all over the World to become a millionaire. They thrived selling ClickBank Products the oldest way. They were promoting ClickBank Products one by one.

Recently, ClickBank has lunched the greatest online Innovation: CbTopSites that allow each ClickBank Affiliate to own an entire Mall of more than 30 000 products in more than 20 Categories (Niches).

It is now possible for any ClickBank Affiliate to Sell More than 30 000 products without buying anything. The Categories Niche Included in the Mall are:

1. Arts and Entertainment

2. Betting

3. Business / Investing

4. Real Estate

5. Computers / Internet

6. Cooking, Food, and Wine

7. E-business and E-marketing

8. Education

9. Employment and Jobs

10. Fiction

11. Games

12. Green Products

13. Health and Fitness

14. Home and Garden

15. Languages

16. Mobile

17. Parenting and Families

18. Politics / Current Events

19. Reference

20. Self-Help

21. Software and Services

22. Spirituality, New Age and Alternative Beliefs

23. Sports

24. Travel

Each of these categories has an average of 5 subcategories making a total of more than 150 Niches you can freely promote.

The Real difference here is that, when a customer enters the mall via your link, he/She has so many options to choose from; he will certainly be interested in one product or another and he will certainly bookmark for future purchase. You don’t need to pursue him/her with upsells and down sales.

There are 10 good reasons why each affiliate should rather promote the ClickBank Mall.

Before examining the 10 good reasons why the ClickBank Mall should be Promoted, let us have a brief intro of ClickBank.

What is ClickBank?

You have to be somewhat in ‘the now’ to even have heard the name “ClickBank” much less know what it is. This is funny because the truth is that ClickBank is far and away from the largest internet marketplace for digital products and affiliates who want to sell them on the entire internet. That puts ClickBank in its niche on a par with Amazon or eBay and yet few have heard of ClickBank. It just keeps running smoothly serving the internet community without fanfare.

ClickBank early days

When ClickBank came along, it stepped into a nightmare scenario of online marketing and smoothed out the rough edges. In the infancy of internet marketing getting set up as an online marketer meant you had to find someone to handle credit card payments. To do this you had to have what was called a “merchant account” with an actual credit card company and the requirements to qualify for such an account were out of reach for most new internet merchants just trying to get established.

As an example, if you got your internet business up and running, you could not get a merchant account unless you were running a minimum of $1000 a month through your business. Of course, it was almost impossible to get that kind of business moving through your site if you could not offer credit card payment so you were stuck. But from the credit card company’s point of view, they were protecting themselves if you sold something online and there were a lot of refunds to be processed which made the entire relationship unprofitable for them. So it was a lose-lose situation for the credit companies and even more so for the new internet marketer just trying to catch a break in the business.

ClickBank Innovation

ClickBank responded to this market need with the business goal of creating a marketplace where sellers and buyers could work together selling digital products with greater ease to benefit everybody. And considering that since then ClickBank has grown to represent over 10,000 products and serve the needs of over 100,000 partner affiliates, they certainly have been a success in their business mission in life. They even stepped in and solved the merchant account problem by handling all the money movement collecting sales for the products they represent and distributing it to vendors easily and with no fuss so a vendor can quickly get a product out on the marketplace with very little cost or effort and see that product begin to return profits very quickly.

ClickBank Expertise

ClickBank knows that to continue to be a success they have to make doing business through their marketplace simple and profitable for vendors with products and affiliates who want to sell those products. They offer a smorgasbord of tools especially to affiliates to study products to see which ones to broker and to see statistically which ones are already a successor on a trend toward greater success soon.

For the affiliate, this means a lot of help to figure out how to be a success and then tracking that success every step of the way and making adjustments to your product mix quickly and easily. For the vendor, this means that affiliates have a natural mechanism to pick up their product and get it out on the internet markets quickly. That means quick sales with little or no effort in the marketing process for the vendor.

Last words

This is not to say that ClickBank is internet marking for idiots and it certainly is no place for scam artists. The regulations for both affiliates and vendors are complicated and you need to understand them. So take some time when getting signed up with ClickBank to understand what is expected of you. Make no mistake, ClickBank is a marketplace like any other. Your product will stand and fall on its value so you will have to offer something of value to customers. But as a genuine market, its one of the best the internet has to offer and the huge success in terms of products sold and satisfied affiliates attests to that.

10 Good Reasons to Promote the ClickBank Mall

Reason # 1:

Free ClickBank Mall removes the tediousness of promoting ClickBank products individually and without knowledge of internet marketing so that you can easily market ClickBank’s hot selling products.

Reason # 2:

All the technicalities of Free ClickBank Mall are managed professionally so there’s no need to do anything like maintenance, coding, web hosting, web designing, and even answering emails, doing customer service, and processing orders, etc. All you have to do is to promote by sending visitors through your links, banners, or search box and earn commissions.

Reason # 3:

You can access all the necessary information such as tracking visitors, clicks to the mall and its pages, details of your Sub-Affiliates, and all the support staff in your member’s area.

Reason # 4:

The Free ClickBank Mall Referral Program allows you to refer others to its affiliate program and if they join, you will get 5% links (over 4000 links) in each of their malls and search results under your ClickBank


Reason # 5:

Your commissions are protected through the provision of PHP and .htaccess cloaking of your links.

Reason # 6:

There is a free Trial (Downloads), Popular Downloads, and Top Downloads.

Reason # 7:

All the clicks, sales, and commissions are tracked by ClickBank which also makes your commission payments. The minimum payout is $10. You can receive your commissions weekly or bi-weekly through direct deposit or checks.

Reason # 8:

Free ClickBank Mall gives you tool and training such as:

    1. Free ClickBank search box.
    2. Ability to hide your ClickBank nickname from your visitors
    3. Visitors can review and rate your site.
    4. You have customizable titles and descriptions of the products.
    5. High paying ClickBank Ads, unlike Google Adsense ads that pay per click.

Reason # 9:
Free ClickBank Mall offers free, unlimited and Fast Technical support, forum support, Email support for all members. You just email
admin at ClickBank Mall or open a support ticket. They also provide full guidance to all members.

Reason # 10:
Visitors can search their choice of product by typing in all words, any word or exact phrase in the search box. How do you Promote the ClickBank Mall for Free and Make Money?

You will get some links, banners, search boxes. You can paste your links at many places online / offline. Example: on your websites or blogs, Facebook, Twitter, and more social networking sites, social bookmarking sites, blog comments, online profiles, forum signatures, email signature, classifieds, tell friends and more…(Learn more tips after joining)

I shared this because I think it is the best offer for affiliate, Marketers. It will provide the Best ROI for PPC ads because of one-click with generating a dozen clicks and maybe a lifetime of clicks.

Now I think you will be excited to access the Greatest Mall for Affiliate Marketers and Promote Products for Free.

Click here for Free Access

BookMark and Learn

This is Your Best Online Opportunity ever.





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