Internet Marketing for Newbies

Internet Marketing for Newbies

Some Internet Marketing Advice for Newbies

If there are products somewhere, there will be purchasers somewhere as well. Marketing is the process of connecting people with the products they need. When the internet comes, the process becomes digitized. With the digitization of Marketing, you can reach a million people from anywhere around the globe with any product. It is even easier if the product is a digital product (downloadable).

No serious business can overlook the growing power of Internet Marketing as an innovating tool to reach more customers. The only problem is that most people do not yet understand how to do this effectively. Those who are just starting internet marketing are called newbies or beginners. This article is about Internet Marketing for Newbies, but all marketers can benefit from one thing or another in this article.

Here are some great Internet Marketing Tips for Newbies.

  1.  Make your customers your affiliates.

If someone loves your products/services, the person will definitely want to recommend the products or services to friends and family or to anyone who can need such products and services. The person will even be more motivated to do so if the persons find a financial gain in doing so.

When you offer a commission to a customer who has made someone by your product, you have turned that customer into an affiliate. When someone purchases your product for the first time, offer them a discount or motivate them more by telling them you will offer them a part of the profit if he/she gets someone else to purchase the same product or service. In so doing, the size of your customer base will grow exponentially. Just imagine 1000 people working for you as an affiliate.

   2. Read Books about Internet Marketing or take courses.

On the Internet space, what you gain is proportional to what you know. While some people are struggling to make $100/month in Internet Marketing, some otters are making $10 000/month or more. The difference comes from what they know or do not know. It is not a waste of resources to buy and read a good book about internet Marketing or to attend a course.

  3.  Create quality Back-links for your site.

Back-links are links pointing to your site from other websites. They are important to rank your site high in search engines so that you can be visible online. Back-links are also important to bring additional traffic to your website. However, all back-links do not have the same weight.

There are back-links which are low in quality while some others are extremely high. High Back-links are from sites with quality content. Those sites are highly ranked in search engines. When there are back-links from such sites to your website, you are building a solid online reputation.

  4. Choose a great theme for your websites.

Your theme influences the overall design of your website. The design of your website also influences your website ranking. When you have a great Theme, visitors love your site and would like to visit it over and over again. Furthermore, a great Theme eases up the navigation of your website and make your services and product visible to the visitors.

   5. Use software

Good software will help you much more than you can ever imagine. Software is like a robot that does more speedily and automatically the work that you could ever do. When you use the right software program for your website, you will save much time, you will speedily scale up your results and you will eliminate the errors done by manual procedures.

A software can help you track what blog post generate the most traffic, spy your competitors, check your Google ranking, build your backlinks, weed your link, analyze your articles, check to expire domains and make you take advantage of their traffic, submit your articles to thousands of websites automatically, build your email list, etc.

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   6. Hire a professional.

Do not try to do everything by yourself. You might end up losing much time and energy without having any tangible results and just abandon the whole thing. With the help of a consultant, you can get things done faster and in the surest way.

With knowledgeable people, you will move faster, and your results will be visible sooner than you think.

If you want to sell affiliate products, at ClickBank University you can find consultants who will work hand in hand with you.

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   7.Use call to action

Whenever you are writing to promote a product or service use ‘call to action’ whenever necessary. Call to action are shorts phrases that prompt the reader to do something. They are phrases such as ‘Click here’, ‘ Register here’, ‘ visit our site’, ‘ sign up our Newsletter’, etc. However, use them subtly. Your main purpose is to educate the customer. When you make education your purpose, you will end up selling much more than the person who makes selling his purpose.

   8. Do not reinvent the Wheel.

There are tactics that have proven to be working in Internet Marketing before now. They are still working, and they will work again for a long time. What is the general formula of Internet Marketing?

  1. a. Write an article
  2. b. Include links to the sale page of a product
  3. c. Create a squeeze page to get the visitor’s personal data such as Name, Email, or Company’s Name. With this, you will try to promote more products to the leads, or the same product in case it did not purchase for the first time. To get the person into your mailing list you need to offer the person an ethical bride. An ethical bribe is something of value that is relevant to the visitor.
  4. d. You need above all a continual traffic source.

So, marketing is like a Fisherman (Marketer) who goes to a fishpond ( Traffic source) with a bait ( ethical bribe) to get the fish ( the customer).

Your Natural question should be where to get the best fishpond? Where to get my bait?

Where to get the bait?

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Where to get the fishponds?

Do you know the cheapest traffic site online? A place where you can get traffic for as low as $1? The traffic is real, no china, no bot! You can track your traffic from Google Analytics. Traffic is generated from Google, Yahoo, Bing, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.

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   9. Let customers decide the price of products that are not selling.

If you hold on to a product for a while and the product is not selling. Let customers decide the price of the product. Demand them to propose a price and decide on a new price after this consultation.

   10. Trace your leads.

When you can trace people, who have visited your site it is greatly advantageous. When you know what interest people or not, you can always make amend in order to keep your customers.

Take advantage of all the opportunities the internet has to offer by reaching out to customers that are just waiting for you.

I think I have laid down great Internet Marketing Tips for Newbies.

If you have any special needs, don’t be afraid to email me or express it in the comment section.

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