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Which Digital Products to get engaged with?

I have been working with 3 Companies that I investigated thoroughly.

As a Digital Entrepreneur, I searched the Digital Products which could provide me with the best possible values: (1) Personal Training; (2) Free offering to Draw People to my site; (3) Products with Resell Right, etc.

I also ensure that I will invest little or nothing on the Products.

I finally zero down on 03 companies with great resalable products. In my own opinion, all of them have interesting offers.  I will show you the pros and cons of each of them so that you can make an informed decision… Better still, in accordance to your level of skills and resources, it might be more rewarding in terms of skill development and Return on Investment to create your own Digital Products ( This is mainly recommendable when you have a particular skill, training or service that can add value to the lives of others). One of the Company provides you with this opportunity.


Company 1.

This company allows you to get access to 25 GB of Digital Products.

The Products include the following list

What is good about this Company? Pros

1. The Volume of Products to be Downloaded is considerable ( 25 GB of Products)

2. The Products are Varied

3. The Sales Pages show a long list of Sample Products.

4. The payment is low. Only $14

5. There is no recurring payment. This is a One Time Payment.

What is not good about this Company? Cons

  1. Among  the Products, there are no Videos ( Courses, Tutorials, Training, etc.)
  2. There are no Free Products offered for  Download for 100% Free.

Do I recommend it? Considering the ‘Low-cost-one-Time-payment’, the Company is Recommendable. The Break-even point will be quickly reached. Go here for Details and Purchase.

Rating: 4/5


Company 2.

12590+ Digital PLR Products For Rebrand!

Daily Updated PLR Membership With 100.000 Members! Highest Conversion In The Industry! 12590 PLR E books, PLR Software, PLR Videos, PLR Tutorials, And More! Build Your Business With Private Label Rights Products!

What is good about this Company? Pros


  1. You can register and access up to 200+ Products that you can Download immediately without any upfront payment. You can stay on a Free Plan as long as you want, and you can keep downloading Free Products of any category and Type.
  2. You can get Free Tutorial Training on how to Download, edit and Repackage the Products ( This include Free as well as Gold Products)

The 100% free training comprises the following:

  • 12 short videos ( 2-3 minutes) on How To Edit & Publish PLR Product.
  • 15 short video ( 2-3 minutes) Getting Started With PLR Business

  • 11 Ways To Expand Your Online Business Using PLR

  • 10 additional methods to make Money with PRL products.
  1. Products are very much well-organized in Categories, Types and Subcategories, Free and Gold Products. You have Free access to View details and comments about all Products both Premium and Free.
  2. New Products are uploaded on a Daily base in accordance with the Market Demand and Trend.
  3. Life Time Payment of $97 possible


What is not good about this Company? Cons

1. Recurring Payment ( 3 Months Recurring Payments at $39 each payment). But you can also up for a lifetime one-time payment for $97.

2. If one chooses the Recurring Payment of $39 every 3 months, in only one year, he will pay up to $39 x 4= $156 !!!

3. The Company has not included Icons amount its Products.

Do I recommend this?

Yes, the Products are varied, the possibility to download 200+ Digital Products for Free make this Company Unique in the Industry.  Go here for Free Registration, Details, and/or Purchase.

Rating: 4.5/5

Company 3


This option is the best and only one for those wanting to put a financial value on their skills or know-how. It is obvious that everyone is born with a unique gift, something that he knows how to do better than anyone else of the face of the Earth, you can package that unique know-how and place an economic value on it today.

What is good about this Company? Pros

  1. You have an opportunity to package your ‘know-how’ and place an economic value on it.
  2. They have a very good follow-up. After the web class, they interact with all the registrants at a personal level through email.
  3. The training is thorough and comprehensive.
  4. They have a well-organized and helping community.
  5. They offer Free web-class and free E books on how to create your own Digital Products and sell them.

What is not good about this Company? Cons

1. This opportunity is not for those who do not have resources ( Time, Money and Energy)

2. The training is relatively costlier. $1997 One Time Payment or 6 x $397  monthly payment ( That is $397 each month)

Do I recommend this?

Yes, the Training is highly recommendable for anyone who has a service, skill, ‘know-how’ to deploy. the Financial benefit will outweigh many times over the reselling of other people’s products.  In my own opinion, this is the Best Company if you want to create your own Digital Products( Courses, Software, Template, E-Books, Videos, etc). Go here For Details and Purchase.

Final note:

Whether you opt for Company 1 or Compagny 2, you need to protect your Products From illegal Download. This is a must for anyone in the Business of Reselling Digital Products. After all the hard work, do not allow online thieves to Download your products illegally. Go here to Protect yourself from illegal Downloads.

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