How to use the Keyword Planner of Yahoo Search Engine


When making money with articles becomes your ambition, you need to be diligent with keywords search for your niche market. Some marketers use Paid Keyword Search Tools and Some Others use Software. It is not advisable for a new marketer to spend money on Paid Keyword Search Tool; he should rather leverage Free Keywords tools such as Google Keyword planner or the Yahoo Search Marketing Tools. In this article, we will be discussing the use of the Yahoo Search Marketing Tools to retrieve free keywords.

How to access the Yahoo Search Marketing Tool?

Below are the steps to retrieve free keywords with the Yahoo Search Marketing Tools:

1. Go to the Yahoo website.

2. Choose To search Marketing under the Yahoo Advertising Solutions Menu.

3. Scroll down and click Sponsored Search.

4. Type the main Keywords of your Market Niche in the section that reads ‘How many searches can your business get?’

5. A list will pop up. You will also see the number of people searching for that keyword on a monthly base.

6. Retrieve the keywords by copying the less competitive. Long-tail keywords are better off.

To be more practical about this, copy a particular keyword, and place it in the search engine of Yahoo putting the keyword in the bracket. You will see the many sites which are competing for that keyword. Visit some of them and you may learn something about what makes them rank high in the Yahoo search engine.

If you decide to use software to find keywords, you might save some time. The software can do much work for you depending on his features. With some software, you can even get some specific long-tail keywords with the traffic this will bring to your website.

If you can do this for free on your own, search engine optimize your site on your own, and write your own content, then the only thing you will have to spend money on is a website URL and web hosting. This is a great idea for those who have little or no start-up cash, a lot of time on their hands, are quick learners, and can wait for the profits to start coming in (which will pretty much free profit).

However, if you prefer to go the easy route and utilize a keyword generating software program, you can find many online. Some are more popular than others and have been a proven way for people to dig up valuable keywords for their niche sites.

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