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The Power of a Sales Funnel

Let’s Talk Product Funnel Once you have your first digital product created and have committed to the idea of creating an information product business, it’s time to think about a product funnel.

A funnel is a kind of web page that directs a customer into a sale sequence ( see below). The funnel goes further by setting up a follow-up sequence that can allow you to make additional sales to your customers (down-sell and up-sells). A funnel is not just a web page, but a page built with the intent to offer to a visitor a unique purchase sequence. A funnel offers customers a unique experience that a traditional website doesn’t.

The job of a funnel includes the generation of leads, the sale of products, creation of a membership, collection of email addresses, creation of a summit, setting up an auto webinar, setting of a squeeze page, etc.

A sale funnel can add a simple order form, one upsell, one down-sell, making you make more money on only one purchase from your page.

A sale funnel is increasingly becoming a digital market asset that will phase out the traditional website.

The idea is that you attract potential customers with a low-cost product that’s fairly small and basic. You show them or reach them how to take the first few steps to whatever it is they may be doing. For example, if I was working on a product funnel on creating and selling digital products, my first product maybe how to write an eBook.  Then you want to think about what else your customers need to know.

What else do they need help with?

What’s the next step in the process? What’s the next task they need to tackle or the next problem they need to solve? Going back to our previous example, the next product could be how to write a sales page for the eBook, or how to package and sell it. It could be how to choose and set up a shopping cart on their site. Another product could be a course on marketing information products or how to create a product funnel and make cross-sales.

From there, you can build out your product funnel even further by giving them more personalized, hands-on help through more intensive courses, group coaching, one-on-one coaching, and even done-for-you services. The more involved you become personally, and the more time it will take you to deliver what you’ve sold, the more expensive the product will be. ! The idea with a product funnel is to start with a low priced offer and then move your customers up to higher and higher price products.

Only a small percentage of your client base will take you up on your highest-priced products, but that’s OK. You don’t need a lot of sales of a high-cost item to make bank.

Start thinking about what products you want in your own product funnel. Start with a few key items like that low-priced introductory product. Then make a plan to create more products for your funnel. Continue to come out with more digital products your audience can consume until you have a well-laid out a product funnel that up-sells and cross-sells your customers to all sorts of products. The idea is to increase the amount of money the average customer spends with your overtime. Do that, and your digital product business will continue to grow and flourish.

Where to generate traffic?

You can use Paid Traffic Such as Bing, Facebook, and Google  Paid Ads. You can also explore some other non-Orthodox traffic sources such as Press Release Sites, Question and Answer Sites ( Such as Quora), Social Medias, Forums, etc. These underground Traffic Sources can bring you unlimited quality traffic. you need to take time to explore and understand them. I wrote a post about these other traffic sources. you can view the post here.

Here comes my advice…

You need patience!

There is no ‘Quick-way’ for making money online. Most ‘Make Money Online Fast’ as scams in disguise. In order to make genuine money online, you must invest. You must invest your most precious resources ( Time, Money, and Energy). If you don’t have these capital resources, chances are that you may never succeed. Take Time to learn. Acquiring the right knowledge might require you some good financial investments. You just have to invest in the right place and on the Right Platform. Don’t fall into the hands of the’ Online Gurus’ who are only interested in the money in your pocket. You need to be properly guided, you need a recommendation.

Start with other people’s products!

As I have mentioned, you need to take the time to learn. you need to learn not only from knowledgeable people but from ‘Practitioners’; from the people who have tracked the path before you. they know all the pitfalls. They can shorten the path for you and saver your pains and thousands of USD. please follow my kind advice and save you to save unnecessary pains. Even if your own products are ready, there is no harm in selling other products. You can mix your own products with similar products in order to become an authority in the Niche.

I advise you to start selling other people’s products while creating your own…

I advise you to examine the options before you decide…

I advise you to have a great mentoring team that will give you the appropriate training in order to create digital products that will actually sell.

If you think this advice is for you, click here: Profiting From Digital Products and learn more.

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