How to start an online business from scratch


Making Money Online or in real life always requires a good investment in time, money, and energy. It is even more serious if you intend to build an Online Six-figure Business!

As truly as is it possible to build a business that can provide you with the possibility of earning recurring residual income online, it is difficult to build that kind of business. It is even more difficult when you proceed by trials and errors without following a simple straightforward blueprint to building an online six-figure business.

I have been in the army of online marketers’ failures trying to make a living online. A number of internet gurus have gotten their own pan of the flesh from my pocket. But providence let me into what I m about to share here. Once I understood what I m about to share here, my Business perspective changed forever; I knew I had a clear Blueprint to build a serious online six-figure. Today, I know exactly what I’m doing and where I’m going.

I will spare you of the experience of the University of hard knock I when through. I will show you step by step exactly what helped to build my online Business as you can see on my site and my other many sites.

My challenges as Online Entrepreneurs

  1. The first and most important thing was to have an online presence. I needed to have my own space on the Internet. It is especially important to have your own website. It is true that there are a lot of places on the Internet where you can write for free. But you are limited by the terms and regulations of the host. I got a complete training on how to build my website for Online Marketing at Wealthy Affiliate.

2. One of the things that the Training Team at Wealthy Affiliate insisted upon was the necessity to write more and more articles. They keep reminding us that ‘Content is King’ Online. This means that you will Only Make Money Online as long as you are producing Quality Contents. The more quality content you could produce, the more people you could draw to your site. They said that if someone had 100 contents indexed by Searching and ranking high on Searches, it could get between 2 to 3 visits per article per day, which is between 200 to 300 visitors. The first problem was the inspiration to produce high-quality content with at least 1000 words so that they could be indexed.

3.  I was also told during my training that the purpose of building my website was to sell affiliate products. So, I was to join an affiliate program and start promoting their products. The cold truth about affiliate marketing is that you get money only as long as you can get tons of traffic. When you used Paid Traffic through Places such as Google, Bing, or Yahoo, your return on Investment is exceptionally low if no negative.

So, the Next problem was Traffic. For instance, even with low PPC as with Bing, with $100 I could not have more than 20 highly targeted visitors and the conversion rate was around 1%. Meaning that only 2 or 3 people could actually buy the product.

4. There was another problem bothering me. How will I go through all the stress of investing for a website, breaking my head to write articles and sell some products just to get a part of the money? For instance, when I sell a ClickBank Product, ClickBank has his own share of the Money, The Merchant has its own share and when I request my money I m still subject to some rules and regulations. It was really frustrating. Why can I sell my own Digital Products and get 100% of the profit? That was another problem bothering me.

5. I try to see what it takes to create my own Digital Products. It takes the time to acquire more knowledge, it takes a lot of financial investment in the training, it takes time. I tried but I gave up because the task was too demanding. That was another problem!!!

You can agree with me that it is not easy to make money online when you do not have an exact blueprint. How will I be able to produce 4-5 articles per week as I was told in my Training at Wealthy Affiliate? How will I be able to make a positive Return On my Investment faster( I have 7 mouths to feed( A wife and 5 children)) if I want to use Paid Traffic? Where will I get the money to create my own Digital products so that after all the struggle I can sell and keep 100% of the profit?

Providence came in.

Providence led me to a membership site where it was possible for me to access 200+ products for free. I needed the products in order to offer them as an ethical bribe to build my email list. I start downloading the products and I started gaining more and more values that were changing my entire approach to online business. I upgraded from free membership to paid membership ( $97 for a lifetime or $67 for a year). It was as if I literally felt into a gold mine. Some of my problems for Online Business were solved.

After I paid for the membership site, this is some benefits I got instantly:

  • I had access to 200 000+ articles in any Business Niche that I could freely download, rewrite, and own. There is even a possibility to get any article rewritten for you at a fee. I had a sea of articles that I could use to populate my website, to blog, to post anywhere I wanted on the internet, and include the link to any affiliate products and links back to my website. It was easy to produce 15-20 articles per week. In less than 3 months, I wrote more articles than 100% of the fellow affiliates at Wealthy Affiliate and I developed close to 10 more Niche Websites.
  • I enjoyed a free training on how to download 12 000+ Digital Products ( Articles, books, Templates, Software, Video Training Courses, Tutorials, Photos, etc.…), Edit them, repackage them, own them, sell and get 100% of the profit. This was really a Gold Mine and the onset of a bright new day of hope!

Some more benefits can be derived from the membership site that helped me that much such as 15 GB free website hosting for one year and a lot more. I knew I had the blueprint to build a six-figure Business without stress!!! The only problem I was yet to solve was the traffic problem. I knew I could count on Organic Traffic from search engines, but that will require some time.

Best of it all…

I would not have spoken for a complete solution or blueprint if I did not mention a way for you to get unlimited traffic for your products.

You can get organic traffic from search engines if you have quality content if you master keywords and if your website is properly back-linked. You can also get low-cost traffic without using a Search Engine. The other Gold Mine that will make you become a Successful Online Entrepreneur is the exposition of Low-Cost Qualitative Traffic Sources. This is great leverage for any online business!!!

When I found what I m about to reveal to you know, I was excited, hopeful, boosted, and encouraged. Yes, I m showing where you can get real human traffic from search engines ( Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.) and social media platforms ( Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.) for all the Budget. You can get traffic even for $1. Click here I found out for yourself.

In order to further build your website Back-links and increase highly targeted traffic to your website, I will show you the most powerful tool I also use. You need a tool that can help you send your thousand articles into online directories and boost your exposures and reputation further. It is a way to quickly triple or even quadruple your revenues. I have software to recommend to you. You need a software to submit your articles for you to so many places and do much more. This is what the software can achieve for you:

  • Automatically Create 100’s Of Accounts For You
  • Automatically Verify All Your Accounts
  • Automatically Spin Your Submissions For 100% Original Content
  • Automatically Submit All Your Content To Over 2000 Sites
  • Automatically Submit your content to over 200 social Media Network.
  • Automatically Solve All Captcha Verification
  • Automatically Submit And Get 1000’s BACK-LINKS On Autopilot
  • Automatically Capture And Organize All Your Links
  • Automatically Ping, Bookmark, And Even Spin Your Links
  • Automatically Will Schedule All Your Marketing 24/7
  • Automatically Set Up Back-link Campaigns That Run For Weeks
  • Instantly Create Professional Reports For Your Customers
  • ADD 100’s Of Additional Websites With A Few Clicks
  • PLUS … 27 Other Amazing Features

Click here to learn more about Magic Submitter.


With these 3 Assets (Your Gold Mine for Digital Products, Your Low-Cost traffic which can guarantee over 1000% ROI, Your Online Software) there is no limit to what you can achieve. You can implement all these things for less than $200. In so many platforms, if a guru will let you to this discovery you will spend nothing less than $3 000, and the path will not be shown to you as clearly and transparently as I Did here.

If along the way, you have any problem whatsoever, you can always request for my free advice at

I humbly believe I have exposed to you the most guarded secret Blueprint to Build an Online Six-figure Business.

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