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    • Hi Barry…

      Yes this has been reviewed, tested, and endorsed wholeheartedly by
      Jim Daniels as well as other very well-known marketers. We’ve received
      nothing but positive feedback until Chris’s unfortunate post – which I will
      do my best to address now…


      This is VASTLY more than a “banner ad generator” as I will
      clearly explain to you and anybody interested…

      In fact, we offer banners for FREE to our affiliates as do most
      sites. This is an *entirely* different beast and calling our
      software a banner ad generator is simply a far cry from reality.

      Most people online are not yet really familiar with what a
      ‘widget’ is (it’s still off the radar of even most of the ‘gurus’ –
      but that will change)…

      There is a very significant difference between a “widget” and
      a plain old banner ad – though even banner ads can be highly
      effective moneymakers, as has been proven by banner adv.
      having become a 14 BILLION dollar industry.

      And in fact, we have been working for *more* than 9 months on
      this entire system… Look at when our domain was registered to
      get an idea (whois lookup). A LOT of *long* nights and very hard
      work went into this software.

      My programmer used to work for Marty Foley of Lead Factory and
      is VERY good – VERY experienced. She’s been in the business for
      9+ years and understands both the programming and marketing
      side of things which is very rare. She is truly a genius and I can’t
      say enough positive things about her.

      I’ve received absolutely nothing but positive feedback from members
      and beta testers alike…

      Even our very first beta tester started making money with the product
      within a couple of days of putting one of our widgets on his blog.

      We had another independent programmer come in and beta test and

      he too is giving our brand new software his full recommendation. I will
      try to locate his review site.

      UPDATE: Here’s the independent review he posted:

      …And *yes* he is promoting it too, but only AFTER spending a great deal
      of time reviewing and researching it. We even took him up on several
      of his suggestions for the software, and implemented them to further
      improve functionality. This was not a ‘5-minute’ review but a lengthy,
      ongoing *credible* review including live testing – to actually become
      familiar with the software and its many capabilities.

      The basics of our software:

      Our software produces viral flash-based *WIDGETS*. Widgets (in the
      online world) are a self-contained *program* with special functionality
      that can be distributed easily and FREELY across social networks such
      as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, etc. with a built-in Share Tool.

      We even applied for and received special permission from Facebook to
      enable our widgets to be placed ‘inline’ directly on Facebook profiles.

      And of course, our Widgets can be easily placed on blogs, websites,
      forums, etc using the snippet of code provided. has an entire DIRECTORY of widgets with various special
      functions. Such as displaying local weather. Or playing a game from
      within the widget. Or playing a radio station from within the widget.
      Or displaying stock updates.

      Here is the web definition of a widget:

      “In computing, a web widget is a software widget for the web. It’s a small application that can be installed and executed within a web page by an end-user. They are derived from the idea of code reuse.”

      What special functionality any given widget has is left up to the

      In our case, our Amazing Widgets are designed to be distributed
      easily, generated quickly (or INSTANTLY), to rotate ads allowing
      for VIRAL distribution, to allow for built in full-featured ad tracking
      capabilities, and more.

      In more detail:

      Each and every Amazing Widget is backed by a powerful database that rotates
      ads within each widget, and enables the user to generate ‘piggyback’ traffic and
      commissions from the widgets placed by the members they refer. Meaning
      strong VIRAL potential.

      Our entire system is also a very slick ad server. Testing in marketing
      is CRITICALLY important as you may or may not know, and our system has
      powerful tracking features built-in. Views and unique IP clicks are tracked
      for each product *independently* within each widget.

      You could also have 1,000 widgets placed online (for example), then
      login to your member control panel, and change the *content* of those
      widgets on the fly – with changes taking place within those 1,000 widgets
      instantly, with the click of a button.

      So it’s a conversion-rate testers DREAM COME TRUE. This is how money
      is made online. By tracking and testing. And our software makes it
      *dead simple* to do for any ClickBank product. ALONG WITH promoting
      that product in both a direct *and* viral way.

      We ALSO enable members to create our standard widgets with ONE CLICK
      of the mouse.

      And *custom* widgets are created by filling out a simple form.

      We have additional professional graphics available even to *standard* members
      that drop right into our software enabling you to create custom widgets for many
      dozens of CB products within 2-3 minutes each.

      And the bottom, text ads (similar to adsense style ads) can ALSO be customized
      in just seconds.

      Further, by placing ONE self contained widget housing all these features online,
      you are simultaneously able to promote and track and test TWO ClickBank
      products at once.

      You can also of course promote/test your *own* ClickBank products within
      any widget, though members can choose from any of over 10,000 ClickBank
      products to promote within their widgets.

      And this was in no way a blind sales letter whatsoever. To a copywriter
      this is immediately recognizable as NOT being blind copy: We state *very*
      clearly what the program is all about, what’s involved, how to get started,
      etc. etc. I have to now respectfully question whether you know what blind
      copy is – it’s where NO indication of what the actual product is, or how it
      works. Hence the term “blind”. Clearly, that’s NOT the case with our video
      presentation and sales letter.

      Nor is it promoted as a magic button. In fact, I clearly stated within the
      sales letter:

      That’s not to say you can just sit back and do nothing, obviously. (There’s no such thing, so please STOP looking for that “magic button”.)

      There is a LOT to this software and to say it’s nothing more than
      a banner ad creator displays an almost total lack of knowledge of the

      The saving grace in all this is that I believe the majority of Warriors
      who actually *use* our software will recognize all that has gone into
      it. And how useful it can be for affiliate promotions, your own ClickBank
      product promotions, viral marketing, and very extensive product and
      conversion testing.

      In short, a suite of tools necessary to successfully builds an income online.

      I’m here to help with any questions you and others may have.


      -Bryan Winters


      Even a good *ad server alone* (which we are IN PART) can run $100
      per month:…t:details&id=6

      …Our base service is $37 per month after the initial 1st-month fee.

      And yes, there are 2 backend upsells which is nothing to be looked
      down upon. Thousands of legitimate businesses both online and
      off have upsells. It’s business, as well as a potential service to
      members that are interested. Our upsells are NOT required to
      make the most of our base software. They are *complimentary*
      to it and can help maximize success and efficiency in various ways.

      Click here for a $5 – 5 Days Trials. 

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