Tapfiliate Review

Tapfiliate is a cloud-based (you can use it without a website) tracking software that enables you to create, track, and optimize your own affiliate/referral programs. It allows you to customize your affiliate pages, referral links, and emails. This tool is perfect for e-commerce and SaaS companies.

Who is Tapafiliate for?

Tapfiliate is best for e-commerce and Saas companies. The group of people who specifically need this software includes Affiliates, Influencers, In-App Publishers.  

Why is the Product specifically recommendable?

  • The number 1 reason for which this product is especially recommendable is that users are very satisfied with the product as we will read in the comment below.
  • Tap affiliate has awesome features including:
    Custom Affiliate Dashboard: Your affiliate can access their own customizable dashboard at a URL like http://affiliates.yourdomain.com, but this feature is available only with the Pro/Enterprise plans.Affiliate Importing: This feature is for those that belong from any different software, simply send a CSV with your existing affiliates to the Tapfiliate and they will import the list for you.Track by Discount Code: If you want to track your sales by discount code then you can do it manually, create the discount codes in Shopify, and after it imports them into Tapfiliate manually or using their API.Link to Individual Products: You can get the link to any of your products or page on your site.Recurring Commissions: Tapfiliate offers both recurring and lifetime commissions, you have to select between fixed and percentage-based commissions for recurrence.Payout Options: It offers various payout options, such as – ACH, IBAN, Indian Bank, International Bank, Bitcoin, Check, Discount, Neteller, Paypal, Skrill, and WebMoney.  In case you want any other payout method then don’t worry, simply send them a message and they will integrate your payout method for you instantly. Asset Wall: This is the wall created for the affiliates, where they can display banners, photos, HTML banners, product feeds, text links, and shareable Tweets, Facebook posts, YouTube videos, and Vimeo videos.

What is the cost of using this Software?

Tapfiliate Pricing Plans:

Essential – $69/monthPro – $149/monthEnterprise – $499/month
200,000 Clicks/Month
1 Million Impressions/Month
75,000 Conversations/Month
Up to 1,000 Affiliates
All Standard Features
Custom Branding
Unlimited Tiers

500,000 Clicks/Month
5 Million Impressions/Month
250,000 Conversations/Month
Up to 10,000 Affiliates
All Essential Features
Up to 5 Team Members
Multiple Domains Tracking
Custom Domain

Unlimited Clicks/Month
Unlimited Impressions/Month
Unlimited Conversations/Month
Unlimited Affiliates
Unlimited Team Members
All-Pro Features
Custom Skin
Single Sign-On
SEPA Payouts

What is the Best Alternative to Tapfiliate?

The Best alternative is Post Affiliate Pro. See Review here. 

Tapfiliate Software Users Reviews

“The best Cloud-Based Affiliate Tracking Software that I’ve used so far!”

Overall: Tapfiliate has played an instrumental role in setting up and growing our affiliate network. Since we deal with a SaaS product, sometimes I feel as if Tapfiliate was tailor-made for us! I love how they have given equal priority to the administrators as well as the affiliates who use our network. Apart from work purposes, I also use Tapfiliate on a personal basis for my Shopify store (which highlights how easy is it to integrate Tapfiliate with almost any platform that you are working with). TIP: If you are new to Affiliate marketing, you can make use of the free 14-day trial to get the hang of things, while working on your learning curve. However, you’re going to have to select a payment option before you start your trial.
1) User Interface: Tapfiliate has a wonderfully laid out and robust looking user interface that is easy to understand and adapt to. This is, however, just my opinion. A few of my colleagues think otherwise, but our affiliate division seems to love the software.
2) Set-Up & Integration: Tapfiliate allows you to establish your own affiliate program within minutes. It is also very easy to implement your tracking code to your website, after which you can start recruiting affiliates immediately.
3) No Holes In Your Bucket: Tapfiliate, unlike other similar software, doesn’t charge you a transaction fee! Instead, they have different pricing modules that are based on the number of affiliates you have, clicks, impressions, conversions, etc. I think that’s pretty fair.
4) Motivate Your Fleet: Tapfiliate makes it possible to give your affiliates short and beautiful looking links that don’t look cluttered and chunky. But that’s not all! You can give your affiliates their own promo codes to share and also reward them for it. There is also an enhanced social affiliate sharing feature that’s available to use. 5) Versatility: Tapfiliate allows you to maintain more than one group of affiliates at a time. What makes this software really versatile is that you can pay your affiliates in different currencies! 6) Top-Notch Customer Service: Customer Success Representatives are quite understanding and very patient and respond very quickly.
1) Slight Learning Curve: For most people who are new to the whole process of setting up an affiliate program, there’s a possibility that there would be a slight learning curve involved. Of course, after that has been achieved, Tapfiliate can be very straightforward and fun to use.
2) Newsletters: I wish that there was an inbuilt feature for this purpose. Currently, I use MailChimp to send out affiliate newsletters. Still not a deal-breaker, though.
Anna k.
Head of Marketing
Information Technology and Services, 11-50 employees
Used the software for 1-2 years
Ease of useCustomer Service FeaturesValue for Money Likelihood to recommend

Source: Capterra
June 29, 2020

“There’s still room for improvement”

Overall: It’s a good tool, does what it has to do for a good price, but a UX designer could improve a lot on it. Sometimes I stumble upon odd icons that mean something very different from what they do. Some of the settings are oddly placed and they are hard to find unless you use them daily. Nothing frustrating though. I’d say that Tapfiliate is a really good option – but I’m sure there are better tools out there too.
Pros: Tapfiliate is fairly simple to set up and manage. It has enough features without being overwhelmingly feature-rich. Support is very quick and friendly. The team listens to feedback and they try to improve the software. The tool pretty much pays for itself, as our Affiliate Program – even though it’s a small one – brings in more value than the product costs.
Cons: I preferred the previous dashboard – it was easier to see the important KPIs at a glance. The Asset library could be improved, as it is a bit hard to browse and manage. Navigation and settings are a bit silly here and there. It’s more funny than annoying.
Alternatives Considered: 
Reasons for Choosing Tapfiliate: I didn’t choose Tapfiliate, but I wouldn’t want to switch for another tool.

Verified Reviewer

Computer Software, 1-10 employees
Used the software for 1-2 years
Ease of useCustomer Service FeaturesValue for Money Likelihood to recommend

Source: Capterra
July 16, 2019


Pros: For basic integrations, getting up and running with Tapfiliate should be very straightforward. They have a built-in affiliate portal with assets you can upload.
Cons: We have a complex integration case. We have a subscription SaaS product and each time someone that is referred pays, we want to add onto the conversion amount. This case should be covered by Tapfiliate (by hooking in with the Stripe Webhook in our case), and we’ve followed the API instructions to a T, but with no success. We’ve reached out multiple times to Tapfiliate and we have received no response over the course of 12 months.
Ease of useCustomer Service FeaturesValue for Money Likelihood to recommend


Vendor Response

By Tapfiliate on July 17, 2019
Hi there! Thank you for writing to us! May I ask which channel you used to reach out to us? We handle all our inquiries through our support chat. Also, just last week we released a new Stripe Integration that can automatically handle SaaS recurring cases. You’ll no longer need to call in a developer to set this up on your end. 🙂 You can check out the new integration here –> https://tapfiliate.com/docs/integrations/stripe/ We’d really appreciate it if you could get in touch to discuss your situation, and we’ll be happy to get you on the right track. Hope to hear from you soon!

Jeff H.

Used the software for Less than 6 months


Overall: Where do I begin? I was new to using an affiliate tracking software, and after trying to work with a competitor, the support people at Tapfiliate were an unbelievable breath of fresh air. I initially worked with Matthew and Julie but then mostly with Imran.
Despite numerous back and forths in which at times I wondered if they had “enough of me”, they were always so patient and unperturbed, and willing to explain whatever confusions I had that particular day in the development of their service for my unique needs.
I am trying to see if affiliate marketing will work to get more clients in my legal practice. I could absolutely count on a quick reply, but being in the U.S. (and with Tapfiliate in The Netherlands), that usually meant looking forward to a reply the following morning. I discovered Tapfiliate through my use of Zapier.com, where they have preset integrations that are very useful… but was really surprised that they went above and beyond that, in also creating the API code I needed to integrate with my use of Calendly.com (that was new to them), so that conversions were possible when someone made a phone appointment with my online calendar at calendly.com.
This was done without any additional cost! I could go on forever… but one thing I was amazed at… despite English being Imran’s third language (as I had inquired), I never would have known in our many email correspondences. Anyway, I kept wondering how they could have been so responsive and helpful, as I assumed that they have hundreds of companies using their platform. Well, maybe I was an unusual type that needed more hand-holding. 🙂 Well, if you are, don’t be afraid to use this powerful approach to increasing sales, or in my case, to generate more clients.
Pros: Hmmm, I think I said it all in my review.
Cons: For some, I guess like me, there is a learning curve to find the right navigation to do what I wanted to do. That is, there are navigations within navigations that takes some time to figure out how to get around. Once that learning curve is achieved, very straightforward, and fun to use.
Recommendations to other buyers: Give it a try! I ended up with an approach with a signup page at Tapfiliate.com
Phil C.
Health, Wellness and Fitness, 11-50 employees
Used the software for 6-12 months
Ease of useCustomer Service FeaturesValue for Money Likelihood to recommend

Source: Capterra
April 30, 2020

“Great Software”

Overall: It’s great. I really like the service and the team is always available via Intercom if needs be.
Pros: As a tech company, we always look at the API documentation to see how sophisticated the platform is. With Tapfiliate, it ticked all of the boxes we needed. At first, there was one feature, recruitment, that wasn’t available. But within a matter of months, it was life and ready for us to use.
Cons: It’s not really a con, but it would be nice to be able to have a single sign-on feature within the API. We have a platform community of over 2.3 million users. These users would expect to use our login details to access the affiliate portal. As I say, not a con, just more a nice to have (whilst I appreciate that kind of development is far from a 5 min job).
Reasons for Choosing Tapfiliate: API docs and their pricing structure.
Tania S.
E-Learning, 11-50 employees
Used the software for 6-12 months
Ease of useCustomer Service FeaturesValue for Money Likelihood to recommend

Source: Capterra
June 19, 2020

“Great solution for easy affiliate program implementation”

Overall: We have used Tapfiliate for years now and we love it. The app is easy to use and makes managing our affiliate program simple for our team. Payouts are fairly quick and making changes to the program is easy as well. Highly recommend!
Pros: Ease of use in all areas; payouts, implementation of our affiliate program, little touch when new affiliates come on, reporting
Cons: There is nothing we don’t like at this point, especially since the newest updates
Paul B.
Sporting Goods, 1-10 employees
Used the software for: I used a free trial

“Excellent Affiliate Tracking Tool for Business”

Overall: Last year I made the rounds and tried all the top players while seeking a tool for a reasonable price. Most tools had similar basic features yet the entire startup experience was very different. The critical factor is that it must be easy to set up and share the program in a modern interface. The dated design of many affiliate tools today means the relationship feels old before it even starts. The mobile-friendly minimal experience with Tapfiliate hooked me early and I continued to check off the features that worked right.
Pros: 1. Quick Setup 2. Beautiful Interface 3. Easy program configuration and customization 4. Quick Website Integration 5. Great Support* I mean great support! Other ambassador tool programs sent me to API docs without any custom assistance. That’s great when I have the development team involved, but this was my executive project and the Tapfiliate support team customized the code needed to give me tracking to match my existing lead process.

Thaddeus S.

Used the software for Less than 6 months

“Best Experience Ever”

Overall: So I just recently got into the affiliate space, and stumbled upon Tapfiliate. Right off the bat, it was super easy to integrate into my services (www.jatch.co) – didn’t even need to consult any customer support. I however wanted to branch out and do some much more complex tracking/commission structures, and their support staff was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. Great response time, solved every single question I asked (I had a lot), and when I didn’t know what code I needed to put where, they did it for me. Great program and great service!
Pros: Amazing customer support team Easy integration Amazing capability for more complex features Gorgeous and modern portal for affiliates
Cons: Really don’t have any (just the code stuff was confusing at times but the support team helped so much!)
Recommendations to other buyers: If you really care about your affiliates, and want them to have an amazing experience, gorgeous dashboard, etc. then this is the program for you.

Verified Reviewer

Used the software for 1-2 years

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