Best Affiliate Software: Post Affiliate Pro 2020 Review

Before we go…Let me answer some straight Questions about Post Affiliate Pro

What is the purpose of the Software?

The software is designed to help businesses start and manage their own affiliate programs.

Who is the Software for?Instant Access To Over 12500+PLR Products

The software is designed for Small to Medium Businesses.

What makes this tool an exceptional tool?

Post affiliate Pro takes off the stress of managing your own affiliate program. It is probably the No1 for anyone who wants to start an affiliate program. The software is exceptional because of the following features:

  • Its great speed
  • Its Intuition
  • Its effectiveness.
  • Its expandability and its scalability.

In addition to the features mentioned here, the software allows you to access to Merchant panel and your affiliate panel to see statistics and to manage your promotional material. Best of it all, you can automate everything with this software.

What is the cost?

The starting cost is $97/month.

  PostAffiliatePro - Affiliate Tracking Software

Is there any free version of the software?

No, but there is a free trial. You can go here to try it now!

My 9 reasons for thinking that Post Affiliate Pro is the best in its category(No1)


  1. It has a free trial.

  2. You can install it on many platforms such as Mac, Windows, iPhone/iPad, Android

  3. It is Web-based, Cloud-based, and Saas.

  4. Training is excellent. You will be guided by a live trainer, with webinars and books.

  5. Support is Excellent: 24×7 live chat and Email Support.

  6. Post Affiliate Pro Software  has interesting features such as:

    • Campaign Management
    • Contact Management
    • Bonus Management
    • Employee Referral Management
    • Lead Management
    • Reward Management
    • Analytics/ROI Tracking
    • Customer Referrals Management
    • Multi-channel Marketing
    • Gamification
    • Referrals Template
    • Referral Tracking
    • Third-Pary Integration.

    7.Users are generally satisfied as we can see in their unbiased reviews. All users agree on one thing: It is exceptional software!

    8. Post Affiliate Pro integrates with 200+ CMS systems and Payment processors.

    9. Post Affiliate Pro is Multi-language. Languages supported include: Bulgarian, Czech, Danish, German, Greek, English, Estonian, French, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Latvian, Dutch, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Serbian, Swedish, Turkish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese, Chinese (Simplified)

What is the Best Alternative to Post Affiliate Pro?

It is Tapfiliate. See review here. 

Post Affiliate Pro Users Reviews

(pasted as copied)


  • “That by personal choice I would like to make more custom to us. Ve had a great experience and LOVE, let me repeat, LOVE that they are available 24/7/365.”
  • “I was able to set it up with limited help from IT. The online help was very responsive in helping me find the help articles I needed to complete set up.”
  • “Post Affiliate Pro is a very robust platform that has been for the most part great to work with. Their support and sales team is very knowledgeable and continues to make sure that we are satisfied users.”
  • “Absolutely extensive amount of options to set up which covers all gamuts of an affiliate program no matter how simple or advanced you want it to be. The support is amazing as well.”


  • “While trying to set up the website I ran into so many problems that I could not figure out on my own which was disheartening.”
  • “What I was told would happen is not what is happening and I am beyond angry and frustrated.”
  • “Some of the terms used in the software is confusing. For us customer is is the affiliate.”
  • “The banner section is confusing and is missing out on Facebook Image Ads, Youtube Video Ads, Instagram Ads, etc.”
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Donovan G.

Retail, Self-employed
Used the software for Less than 6 months. Overall Rating: 5/5  Ease of Use: 5/5  Customer Service:  5/5 Features:  5/5  Value for Money:  5/5
Likelihood to Recommend:  10/10

Reviewer Source

Source: Capterra
January 5, 2020

“Amazing upgrades from using it 15 years ago”

Overall: It’s great software. I used it 15 years ago and it’s only gotten better. No fluff, just the features you want and need that other software charges unreasonable amounts for.
Pros: The ability to have dynamic affiliate links generated on the fly via their email address. For example, I don’t need to manually create affiliate or customer accounts to have them send traffic and be credited. I can simply append the end of my URL with their email or a unique identifier and it generates their affiliate account which I can approve or disapprove into a specific commission group (or no commission group for customer bonuses).
Cons: The purchase pixel wasn’t hard to implement but it took slightly longer as I didn’t know PHP very well.
Reasons for Choosing Post Affiliate Pro: Ease of implementation, ability to have customers send traffic, and have it credited before I’ve approved their affiliate account. Tracking pixels was a breeze if you know a small level of PHP.
Reasons for Switching to Post Affiliate Pro: The implementation was super quick too compared to referral candy. Referral Candy wanted WAY too much of my backend and their MD5 generator only works if you run the server, not on a normal hosting account that can’t generate MD5 via PHP.
Author: Anonimous
Overall: What I was told would happen is not what is happening and I am beyond angry and frustrated. We had several meetings with you all and our team about our initials concerns and now that we are on board, it is not what we discussed.
Pros: It allows the admin to see activity. It’s easy for an affiliate to sign up.
Cons: 1. Many of our affiliates are unhappy because it tracks some of their sales but not all of them. 2. when they have an issue, they have no way of reaching someone for a quick answer. Therefore, we have to stop our busy day, get the concern from the affiliate, then try and communicate it properly to you all, then get your answer and try and communicate it to the unhappy affiliate and then if that answer is not sufficient, we start the whole middleman process all over again and end the end everyone gets frustrated. When a simple solution would be to allow the affiliate a place to reach you directly so that time is not wasting through a middle man (admin) and the issue can be explained and resolved quickly and correctly thereby improving quality for the affiliate and less back and forth emails and chat for your resolution team.
Reasons for Choosing Post Affiliate Pro: Because of what we were told you would do for our affiliates if they had a concern. We were told that they would have a way of reaching you directly for quick answers to prevent slow down for us. Now we are being told that they cannot contact you and we must adopt the middle man task.
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Matteo M.

CEO of Marketing and Advertising, 1-10 employees

Used the software for 6-12 months
Overall Rating: 5/5  Ease of Use: 5/5  Customer Service:  5/5 Features:  5/5  Value for Money:  5/5
Likelihood to Recommend:  10/10

Reviewer Source: Capterra

August 4, 2020

“Beyond expectations”

Overall: With them, we were able to create a very complex system by integrating different platforms. Any other solution would have cost us much more to develop the APIs
Pros: At Post Affiliate Pro we appreciated the availability and professionalism of the team during the trial phase, during the setup, and what not least, especially during use. The team is always available 24/7 and sometimes, in the middle of the night (Italian time), we have managed to solve even complex problems thanks to their technical support. The great versatility and the number of features available allow you to take advantage of their software even for things they have not foreseen, this is extraordinary.
Cons: We didn’t have any problems or things that we didn’t like. If we find it later we will update the review.
Reasons for Choosing Post Affiliate Pro: We already noticed in the presentation of the service that there was more flexibility for integrations at the same price and with more features
Author: Anonymous.

“I tested a lot of affiliate software….”

Overall: Truly excellent. PAP did most of the heavy lifting for me — allowing me to focus on customizing the dashboard for affiliates – adding our own copy, etc etc
Pros: We had to move from different affiliate software – as it was proving extremely unreliable and not tracking certain clicks. As a result – I jumped on many calls with different affiliate software that promised the world. Post Affiliate Pro was the only software that made sense – was relatively easy to use – while at the same time having a great selection of tools and services that we need. The CUSTOMER SUPPORT was also AMAZING (must mention [SENSITIVE CONTENT HIDDEN] in particular for all his help)
Cons: The dashboard from the merchant’s point of view looks a little old fashioned – but that’s just an aesthetic thing.
Reasons for Choosing Post Affiliate Pro: for the reasons I’ve listed above
Reasons for Switching to Post Affiliate Pro: Our previous affiliate software tool did not track properly and kept letting us down.
Author Anonymous.

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