how to choose a good affiliate program


A good formula to make money with website consist of finding an affiliate program and writing articles to promote the products/services of that affiliate program. The big question is where do I find an appropriate affiliate program for my niche website? This article is written to answer that question and much more.

How simple is it to make money with articles?

Making Money through an affiliate program is as simple as writing good contents’ and insert your affiliate links inside the contents’. It is nothing more than that. After that is done, you just need the formula to draw traffic to those content. If your articles are well written, you can expect a conversion from 1% to 10% minimum depending on the traffic sources you choose.

Where to get a good affiliate program?

It all depends on the type of products you want to promote. If you want to promote physical products, Amazon might be a good option for you. You can find thousands of other programs for physical products online. If you want to promote Digital Products ( Downloadable products such as books, Software, Training, etc), ClickBank is the place to go.

At ClickBank University you will get all the training you need to successfully promote products among more than 30 000 products. Access is 100% free.

Some tips to consider when choosing a product to promote.

1. Check the frequency of sales of the product/service.

This indicates to you if people love that product or service. You check this with the ClickBank Gravity parameter at the ClickBank Market Place.

2. Check the commission type.

Will you receive a one time commission or will you receive be receiving a recurring monthly commission? ( a way to have a passive income).

3. How much commission will you be making?

Will you rather sell a product for $100 commission and sell 1 product for a month or 100 products for $10 commission?

It is important to check the commission you will be making. But most importantly, it is important to know if the product is selling and if it is selling well. The CBengine helps you to get records on whether or not a product is selling.

4. Go only for targeted traffic.

People on the Internet are searching. They make millions of searches per day because they have questions they are looking for answers to and the problems they are looking for solutions for. As an affiliate, you are an answer provider and a solution provider. You need to provide the correct answer ( Your article)to their questions and recommend an ideal solution to their problem (this is where your affiliate links come). When you know how to find the right audience (knowing the Keywords to go for) you will interest them with your proposition and they will buy your products if you have convinced them.

You can get millions of visitors to your website, but if those visitors do not find answers to their questions, they will just leave your website without taking any action. If you promote carpenters tools to football players or bankers rest assured that you will hardly make a sale for the next 10 years.

As I have told you before, having good articles for your website is crucial. Having hundreds of them assure better hope for good cash. Having an in-depth knowledge of the products/services you are promoting is the final authority that gives you success!!! One of the best ways to populate your site with rich content is to download PLR articles and rewrite them or get them rewritten. With only $97, you can get lifetime access to 200 000+ articles to this membership site. You can get them rewritten for you against a token fee for each article you choose or you get a short training course that will help you to written highly converting articles.


Do you know where you can get an affiliate program to promote? If you want to promote physical products, check with Amazon Affiliate Program and if you want to promote Digital Products, check with the ClickBank Affiliate Program. At ClickBank University, you will get thorough training on how to maximize the affiliate program university with digital products. Using PLR articles can be a way to move you up faster on the ladder of success. You can become a master in article writing if you go through this Short Training Course.


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