how to become an Affiliate Marketer


If you can get original articles in a market niche, you are ready to make money as an affiliate. In order to get such articles, you either need to write them yourself or get them written by a freelancer. The next thing will simply be to place affiliate links into your articles and find a way to promote those articles. You can choose paid advertisements through major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, or Bing or you can get your traffic through organic searches or low traffic sources. Any click through in your article will be a potential sale.

Can you write convincing articles? 

Writing convincing articles is a great marketing asset. Learning to write a good article is one of the most important things that an affiliate marketer should learn. Investing in training that teaches you how to write articles that convert visitors to customers is highly valuable.

You need to know how to start writing articles, how to convince a reader to be interested in a product or service, how to pitch the reader to click a link, to come back to your site, and to follow your recommendations through.

You need a good traffic source. 

It is particularly important when you are levering low-cost traffic sources for your marketing efforts. There, you can get traffic as cheap as 100 000 visitors for a small token of $2.99, but this traffic is warm traffic. This means that people in this traffic source might be interested in the products in your market niche, but they are not the people who researched for your products in Google, Yahoo or Bing, the traffic is drawn from Social Media, Press Release sites, Forums, etc;  Products and services are proposed to them. They are warm about the propositions and can become hot only and only if you know how to talk to their hearts and senses.

Key requirements to be a good affiliate Marketer

So knowing how to talk to people’s hearts and reasoning is a piece of knowledge that an affiliate starter cannot and should not overlook.  It is one of the skills that you should acquire above every other skill. When you know how to talk and convince people, you don’t need a million visitors to your site before you start making money. But if you can get a great volume of visitors to your site and you know how to turn those visitors to customers and to lifetime clients that you own it is even better.

Hire a freelancer

One of the options to write a great article is to choose a freelance writer to do the job for you. You paid him for all the articles he writes for you. But I think it is better to know the art of writing so that you can generate as many articles as you wish to promote any products or services. Most Merchants give you some email swipes or articles you can use on your website. You can even get free articles from free content sites.

Be careful with free articles content or articles in the public places

You should be careful with free articles or emails that thousands of other affiliates have already used and are still using. Using those types of content will make you rank low in search engines; You may never be visible and you may never generate organic traffic which can help you have organic traffic and generate passive income. Also, visitors will quickly notice that you are not a professional and they will not follow your recommendations.

You can succeed easily with affiliate marketing if you do the right investment. If you can invest in getting original content or in learning how to generate them yourself.

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