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Introduction: The No1 Mistake you should never ever do in  Marketing 

There is a mistake you must avoid as an affiliate marketer at all costs. That mistake can cost you join the army of failure in Affiliate Marketing. Savvy Affiliate Marketers understand that Email Marketing is where comes 90% of the Affiliate Marketer Money. That is why the N0 Must searched Software in affiliate Marketing is Email Marketing Software.

If you do marketing by just sending affiliate links to people, you will leave 90% of your potential profit on the table. Ignoring Email Marketing in your Marketing Efforts is the No1 Mistake you should never ever make. 

Base on Proven Facts, we can just say that Email Marketing is the Best Option for Marketing any Product online. I discover this as an affiliate of ClickBank. I discovered that 97% of all their Sales were gotten via Email Marketing. I did more research on Email Marketing, and I decide to publicize my findings in other to help those who are still struggling in the Business of Affiliate Marketing.

For one to be involved in Email Marketing, you need to first build a list. You cannot just go and buy an Email List and start sending Emails to people. That is Scamming. People must willingly give their Email to you. They will do so in the sense that you have the solution to their problem.

You Must Start Email Marketing…There is no other way for sure success, it is the only way! 

People are on the Internet because they have problems and questions. People are looking for solutions to their problems and answers to their questions. That is why the most repeated word in the search engines is the word ‘How’. When you show yourself worthy of people’s trust. They will simply give their Personal data to you (Email and Name). Then you can start to build your Email List. Your Email List is your Greatest Marketing Asset. 

In order for you to get someone’s email, you must offer them an ethical bride. The ethical bride is generally something very valuable such as a ” How to …” Book or “How to…” Video or “How to …” Training. The Product must be valuable and Free. Because the product is valuable, the solution seeker will quickly give his or her Email.  In this way, your list will start building up.

The main advantage of having a list is that you can follow-up on people so that they buy your product. It is said that people who searched for something will end up buying it if they can see the offer a maximum of 7 times. Email Marketing is the only way you can put the offer before their eyes an endless number of times.

The other good aspect of Email Marketing is that you can propose upsells to the same customers or market similar products to them. Before I present the BEST EMAIL MARKETING SOFTWARE EVER to you, let me talk again about 7 essential benefits of Email Marketing.

10 Essential Benefits of Email Marketing.

Benefit N01: Email Marketing is Free

Comparing to other Marketing Forms ( Pay Traffic in Particular), Email Marketing is the cheapest Marketing Option. According to, for every $1 spent on email marketing, the return on investment is $44.

Benefit No2: Email Marketing is Simple. 

Simplicity is at the Core of Email Marketing. It is even simpler if you put everything on Automation. It suffices for you to leverage the Pre-Build Templates of a Great Marketing Software Such as Builderall.

Benefit No3: It is personal. 

People love those who care about them. When you personally address someone in emails, you are building a relationship that will end up paying. Some Savvy Marketers call this “Relationship Marketing”

Benefit No4: It is scalable.

With the process you use to reach 100 people in Email Marketing, you can use the same to reach 100 000 people or even a million people.

Benefit No5: It reaches all devices. 

Emails Send from an Email Marketing Platform Reach All devices (Computers, Phones, Tablets, Etc.).

Benefit N06: It is wanted by your customers. 

What people hate is Spams. But when they have willingly subscribed to your email list, they will love to read your Emails. According to a survey by, 91 percent of people want to receive promotional emails.

Benefit No7: It is measurable.

With Email Marketing you know exactly the Number of Potential Customers Who are opening your Email, Who is Clicking your Links, WHO are Purchasing Your Products, Who Unsubscribe or Remain on your Email list, etc.

Benefit No8: It allows you to own your Traffic

Google, Youtube, or Facebook Traffic is not your Traffic. The only Traffic your own is your Email List.

Benefit N09: It allows you to make direct sales

From your Email Content, you can put a direct sale link because the potential lead is now a customer.

Benefit No10: You can leverage the list for your own Affiliate Program. 

You can make your satisfied customers also market your service. They will do that if they have a reason for doing that. Put them on an affiliate program. You can manage your affiliate Program With the No1 Software to manga Affiliate: Post Affiliate Pro. See Review of Affiliate Pro here. 



Most Comprehensive Email Marketing Software

Now let’s talk about the best Email Marketing Software.

What if I tell you there is a Software Package who can accomplish the following for you:

  • Create Unlimited Email Marketing Campaign
  • Build Magazines for you on Automation
  • Run your Own Affiliate Program
  • Host your Own Videos for You
  • Integrate you in a Membership Website and e-learning System
  • Build a Funnel for you with Graphics. A funnel helps you to take your lead into a sale sequence that prepares him/her to buy a specific product. It is one of the best innovations in modern marketing.
  • Install a ChatBot on your site
  • Host your Website
  • Provide an Ecommerce Check out for you.
  • Provide Auction checkout for you.
  • Provide a Booking calendar for you.
  • Provide an Image Mock Up and Editor for you.
  • Provide  CRM and automation systems

  • Provide Vídeo Wrapper

  • Provide  Browser Notifications

  • Provide  Blog Builder

  • Provide  Chat Builder

    Furthermore, the Website hosted by Builderall is Google and Adsense Friendly Builder.


You don’t believe this? Yes, it is real, this is the ultimate Affiliate Marketing Software. It is “Everything-in-One Software.”-All Purose6Marketing-Software

Don’t worry about using this software. You have Hundreds of Video tutorials to help a huge knowledge base plus the support system.

The best part of it all you have 30 Days to try the Software for Just $1. Can you get anything better than this somewhere else? I know you love the stuff

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