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List of the 12 Best Affiliate Marketing Software in 2020

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My Motivation for starting Reviews

My personal frustrations and deep-rooted hatred for deceptive Affiliate Courses, Fake Marketing Companies Claims, and misleading information from Marketing Software Such as 12 Minutes Affiliate System, Krowd App, NoClick Profit, WebTargeted Traffic, some of the SEO clerk Products, etc. and Top Training Affiliate Programs such as ClickBank University, Affiloroma, Wealthy Affiliate, Super Affiliate System, Commission Hero, etc. has led me into profound research on Marketing programs and  Software.

This article is one of the first fruits of my diligent search for Top Affiliate Marketing Software.

In order not to waste your time, I presented only the ones worthy of your consideration and time. The List in the Table at the bottom is the rating of The Top Making Software in 2020. A comprehensive REview is linked to each software so as to help you make an informed decision.

You can click Software to see its Review or better still, you can see the Table at the bottom to overview the main use of the software, its main pros, and its rating before proceeding with its Review.

Trending Software 2020: 

The Amazing Widget Amzcatalog Package

Affiliate Pin Traffic, See Review 

Have you taken the challenge to be your own boss?


Action Speaks LoudWhen it comes to starting a business, many people get scared. They worry about losing the security that their job has provided. They also worry about the risk involved in starting a new business. They are right because anywhere from 70-90 % of all small businesses fail in the first year. This is generally due to one or a combination of these three factors: the wrong choice of business model, lack of the appropriate knowledge, and the use of the wrong tool or not using the tools at all.

A safe Business Model choice: Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate marketing is a great way to work for yourself with minimal risk. When you work as an affiliate you usually sell a range of goods or services for profit. All is provided for you to succeed: the products and all the promoting tools have been created for you.Instant Access To Over 12500+PLR Products

Despite the low financial risk involved with Affiliate Marketing and all the leverages it provides, you still need to do some diligent work. One such work is the creation of good content and the diligent search of the right marketing tools.

Leveraging Software in Affiliate  Marketing.

Many who have started their affiliate marketing businesses wonder about affiliate Software. They wonder if it is worth purchasing and what it can do for their particular business. The answer to these questions lies entirely in the individual affiliate and the type of business that they have. However, there are some general things to try and consider before you shell out hundreds of dollars on affiliate software.

The main question is: Which software should I use and Why?

The $12 trillion gaps between informed and uninformed marketers tell us that the real difference between success and failure is in the knowledge one has decided to leverage upon or not.  Most people wanting to buy software lack the knowledge bases to make an informed decision. Helping you to make an informed decision about Affiliate Marketing Software Purchase is the Main Reason for the 12 Reviews associated with this article.

Before buying any software program, you need to apply some perspectives. The software will not take a floundering company and get it into a fortune 500. It is simply a tool to help you in various aspects of running a business. You will still have to do some of the hard work. The software will only help.

Before listing the software in our list we have made thorough research, we have tried the software and we have recommended only the best depending on your present market needs.  Our selection criteria include:

  • The  mobility of the software

  • The comprehensiveness of the software features

  • The ease of use of the Software

  • The value for money.

To help you to be more comfortable in your purchase, we have ensured that each software is either with a money-back guaranteed or with a trial period.

Solve a specific problem with your software


Once you have some perspectives, then you need to list your business’s needs. How are you getting your leads? Could you do better with the software? Do you need some automation in the Marketing Process? Do you want to draw targeted Traffic? Do you want to create videos? How are you landing pages? Do you need more people (affiliates)  to promote your product for you? etc.

You must keep in mind, however, that software does take time to learn. However, once you have mastered affiliate recruiting software, for instance, it can help you keep track of all your affiliate activities and individual contribution to your business growth.

The software can do a lot of jobs for you. the software can increase your website conversions with geo-targeted, create an affiliate storefront for you, rotate your ads, create a sales funnel for you, create sales videos for your business, create a catalog of products for you, generate leads on autopilot, Automate your Email Marketing Campaign, draw targeted traffic for you, etc.

If you have a home-based affiliate marketing business that is entirely internet-based, you may want to consider website building software. Again, you may be able to do just as good of a job on your own. However, if you can’t this software can help. It will offer suggestions on how to make your pages more attractive and how to attract more internet traffic to your site. This can all translate into more sales or Ad revenue for you.

Take time to go through our list of selected software or proceed to read the 3 Main Considerations before buying a software,  7 Software Purchasing Tips, and our list of the Top 12 recommended affiliate marketing software 2020 with complete Reviews.

Rating of Top Marketing Software

Software NameSoftware Image/LogoMain Function Main ProRating Comprehensive
Money Security (Guarantees)
Post Affiliate ProThe software allows you to starts and manage your own affiliate programsMoney Back Guarantee
No1 Best Software for Affiliate Marketers
4.7Post Affiliate Pro Review
Amzcatalog Package 2020Displays a Comprehensive Catalog of Amazon Products per NicheMoney Back Guarantee
No1 Software for Amazon Affiliates
4.6Amzcatalog Package 2020 Review
TapfiliateAllows you to create and manage your own affiliate ProgramMoney Back Guarantee
Best for your Own Affiliate Program
4.6Tapfiliate Review
CB Affiliate MagicDisplays a Comprehensive Catalog of Clickbank Products per NicheMoney Back Guarantee
No1 Software for ClickBank Affiliates
4.5CB Affiliate Magic Review
Affiliate Ads RotatorRotates your Multiple Affiliate Ads to increase your Revenue.Money Back Guarantee
Best for Multiple Ads
4.5Affiliate Ads Rotator Review
App Builder ProAllows you to Build Multiple sellable Apps without codingMoney Back Guarantee
Best for Traffic Generation
4.5App Builder Pro Review
Easy Pro Funnel & Easy Pro Webinar Builds Sales Funnels and Webinars for you with few clicks of the mouse.60 Days Money Back Guarantee
Reduces Affiliates Work loads
4.5Easy Pro Funnels & Easy Pro Webinars Review
The Amazing Widgetgenerates traffic by a simple yet striking advertisement that can be integrated into the coding of your particular site.60 Days Money Back Guarantee4.4The Amazing Widget Review
Affiliate Pin Traffic Generates Traffic to your Products from Pinterest Popular Pins60 Days Money Back Guarantee
Best for Traffic generation
4.4Affiliate Pin Traffic Review
Voluum No1 software to Track your Online Campains in Real Tilme Free Trial4.4Voluum Review
Referral Candy No1 Software for eCommerce Shop 30 Days Free Trial4.4Referral Candy Review
CB Vendor Tool Kit Protects your Products from illicit Downloads, Build Amazing Landing pages for your site and sell multiple products from ClickBank60 Days Money Back Guarantee4.3CB Vendor Toolkit Review

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