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It is a legitimate dream to be your own boss. Men are born free. It is the society that has enslaved many. Most people live to fulfill other people’s dreams and not their personal dreams.

One of the means of enslavement is through the type of Job you embark on. In a classical type of Job, someone decides on what you do with your education, your time, your talent, and energy. You are bound to accomplish that person’s desire in exchange for a pay-check and hope for a pension. Many have preferred to live this kind of life. However, many wish to dream of a different kind of life. A life where they could be their own boss and work at their own pace and in accordance with their own terms.

Starting a Home Business could be the way out. It is true that many are afraid to take this route because of the risk involved. But their fear proceeds from the fact that they don’t have the right knowledge. They don’t have the right orientation and they are confused about the route to follow. I wrote this post with such people in mind. I sincerely recommend you to bookmark this post for future references if you want to do the affiliate business or if you want to start a digital entrepreneurship business. This post is loaded with great information, links, and reference sites. Bookmark and take the time to study the offers.

In this post, we are going to lay down a blueprint on how to successfully do a home business.

The good news is that you can start your home business with no money at all. The option that allows you to do that is affiliate marketing. I will show you what you can start at 100% free.

The Affiliate Marketing Business Model is a business where you sell other people’s products and get a commission for doing that. You can get between 30% to 80% commission as an affiliate.  All you need to do is promote the products. You need to get affiliate links from merchants and place them in places you want to products the products. When someone clicks on the link and buys the products, you have your commissions. These are avenues through which you can promote products without paying a dime:

  1. You can join Forum in the Market Niche you are Interested in, participate and discuss, and later introduce your own products.
  2. You can join social media groups in your market Niche, participate in discussions, and later introduce your own products.
  3. You can write articles in press release sites and introduce your affiliate links.
  4. You can join Questions and Answer sites, contribute to the discussions, and later introduce your own products.
  5. You can also create a blog and write articles on a particular topic. If your content is good and is providing real values to people, you will have a lot of followers and you can then put your affiliate links in your articles.
  6. You can also create your own website. If you master SEO principles, you can generate continual organic traffic and make money out of it.

Now, let me provide the links to the stuff, you can start free today. Let’s get Practical!  ( You might need to bookmark the pages and examine them more deeply later)

  1. ClickBank is the place to start if you want to become an affiliate. There you will find more than 30  000 products you can promote for free. You don’t need to pay any money to become a ClickBank partner for product promotion. People from a few countries such as Nigeria are excluded from this. At ClickBank University, you will get all the training you need to be a successful affiliate. You can start free, but if you want to go the professional way, you have to pay the fees to go through thorough training. I strongly advise you to start right and concentrate on the training. You can’t really succeed unless you make up your mind to do the best possible investment for your future.
  2. You can also click the link below to find a place where you can start advertising right away.

3. If you want to own your own website and learn how you can use your website to an affiliate of anything on the internet you like, the best place to start for free is Wealthy Affiliate.  Here, you will find a very warm community who help you will all the follow-up you need to get your feet on the ground. You can access for free the Training to be a successful affiliate while creating your own website.

The good thing about having a site or a blog is that Yahoo Publisher and Google Adsense can place their Ads in your blog or your website and when people click on their Ads and buy the products, they Pay you. All you need to do is to register with them. You don’t need to worry about anything concerning their ads, they take upon them all the related cost, and you pocket your money without any stress. Just make sure you have enough traffic.

The lifeblood of Online Success

As you might already understand, the most important issue about Making Money Online is to draw people to your offers ( Services or Products). People have problems and need a solution to their problems. Whatever the market niche you choose, there are tons of people out there who need the products and services of that market niche. You need to go out and find them. As I have already mentioned you can get them via Forums, Social Media, Q&A sites, Press Release, etc…These are either cheap or free traffic sites.

Do you want help for your backing and Traffic Generation, so that you can concentrate on other aspects of your Business?

I will show you where you can get thousands of back-links for peanut Back-links and unlimited traffic for your website. Traffic is generated from $1. And you can get up to 100 000 visitors to your website from Google, Yahoo, Bing, and Social Media Such as Facebook, Tumble, Twitter for just $5. No bot, No china, Real, and genuine Traffic. Are you interested? I m sure yes is the answer? No reasonable Marketer will say no. Click the link below and access your Gold Mine.

The best type of online traffic remains organic traffic. By the way, what is organic traffic?

Organic traffic is the traffic where you get through search engines. When someone needs something, they go on google and type some keywords ( Phrases about what they won’t), the Search Engines, after some algorithms, propose to them blogs or websites related to the subject matter. Here you don(t need to make any effort whatsoever, this can happen even when you are sleeping. You can get this traffic for the rest of your life and in so doing, you can create a Perpetual Residual Income. Does this sound good? Yes, it does. But it requires work and a lot of it.

In order to generate organic traffic, you need to master the essential SEO elements. These essential elements are The Quality of your content, the keywords you use for your content, and how you use them and, back-linking. Back-linking refers to the sites that are pointing back to your websites.

Your content must be of high quality. This means that when people read your content, they must get values. Your content must provide a clear answer to the questions they are asking themselves. When you solve people’s problems with your content, you will be awesomely rewarded with cash. in the world of online marketing, Content is the King.

You need to learn how to choose the right keywords for your content. Your content must be keyword rich. This means that your content must have keywords loaded in it. Generally, 3-5% is a good average. Your keywords must also be a part of your post title and tags.

You can manually post your post website in Free classified Ads sites and place the link back to your sites. You can also place your posts with links back to your sites in Forums, Facebook Groups, Q&A sites, Press Release sites, etc. Another way is to go online and search for Search Engine Directories and request them t list your website. You will get the listing 100% free in some places and you will pay some fees somewhere else. In our Online Mall for SEO & SEM, you will get all the knowledge and tools to optimize the opportunity of generating free organic traffic for your website.

3 Things All Affiliate Marketers Need To Survive Online

The legitimate ambition of any affiliate marketer is to get a good paycheck. There is no magic formula for this. It suffices to use the right training and the right tools. There is a fine line between failure and success in the Affiliate Marketing Business. If you do make up your mind from the onset to do the right investment, you will end up wasting time and money finding short courts. This is the mistake most Affiliate Newbies do. They think there a short court to Affiliate Marketing Startup. The easy way is the lazy way. And if you get into the market with that mindset you are a good candidate to scammers who will promise you how you can make $100, $500, or even $1000 every day with little or no work.

No there is no easy way to succeed anywhere. All success requires a good investment in your time, money, and energy. If you get online with the mentality to do the right investment, to work, and to be patient, you will definitely separate yourself from the army of failures out there.

In addition to the willingness of investing your Time, Money, and Energy, there are some few tactics you can leverage on from the experience of veteran Affiliate Marketers.

What are these three tactics?

1. On one website, focus on just one Market Niche. Do not promote much stuff at the same time. Search Engine will not rank you high and you may not become an Authority site. Of course, your market niche might have many ramifications. For Instance, I m in the Market Niche of Online Marketing. The ramifications include Social Media Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Email Marketing, and Blogging Marketing. There is a  complement to this, it is SEO & SEM which is concerned about traffic generation. However, my main focus is to help Online Marketers to thrive and make maximum Return on their Investment.

2. Offer Free Reports to your Readers. One of the things you will do to have people subscribe to your Email List is to offer them free stuff. Those free stuff can be E-Books, Software, Courses, Tutorials, Templates, etc. When you offer them downloadable digital products with great values, they will get attached to you and will be willing to subscribe to your mailing list.  Where do you get the Free stuff? I have a free membership site where I can download any type of Digital Product in all possible Market Niche. I can either edit, repackage, and sell the product or use them to build my Email List. On that site, you can get up to 200+ products free or you can pay a premium of $67 and access more than 12 000 products for a whole year. We will discuss again this later. You can click the link below to access the membership site that you can join for free. Use autoresponder in your Email Marketing efforts.

Instant Access To Over 12500+PLR Products

3. Always include product reviews on the website so visitors will have a good understanding of what the product can do to those who purchase them. Also include testimonials from users who have already tried the product.

4. Get the right traffic for your Products/services. this traffic is called targeted traffic. When you target the right people with your keywords if you are using organic traffic or buy joining the right Forum, Q&A site, Press Release Site, etc. you will attract the right customers. They will come and see products of interest to them.

Only two things can possibly happen with your web-page: actualizing a sale or the visitor leaving the page without taking any action. If you get the Email of the visitors, you might re-engage them later. So Email Marketing is one of the ways to re-engage your website visitors and own them for life. Visit our Online Mall for Email Marketing To get the knowledge and tools you will ever need.

Focus on important points like how your product can make life and things easier and more enjoyable. Include great subject lines in the email.  Do not use the word free. If you do so, an Email spam filter can take your Email fr Spams.

5. Try to write a minimum of 2 articles per week, with at least 400-600 words in length. When you write regularly, you stand the chance to draw more traffic to your website. Generally, the rate of conversion is 1% meaning that if you have 100 visitors only 1 might buy your product. If you have 1000, only 10 might end up buying your product.
If you put in practice the Tactics below, You’ll definitely get ahead of a good number of people in the Business of affiliate marketing who have not taken the same steps either by ignorance or by negligence. These tactics are vital for Affiliate Marketing Startup.

An alternative to affiliate Marketing: Selling your Own Digital Products.

If you don’t want to sell someone else products, there is an alternative, you can sell your own Digital Products. The good news is that you don’t even need to create those products. You can simply download, edit, repackage as your own and resell them and keep 100% of the profit. Those Digital Products include Software, E-Books, Tutorials, Courses, templates, Photos, Articles, Plugins, etc. Almost all business Niche are concerned and there are more than 12000 + products you can access for a lifetime if you pay a token of just $97. It is really a token because you will get merchandise worth millions of USD. You may choose to pay for a year membership at $67. Below is the link to the membership site.

Instant Access To Over 12500+PLR Products

These are all the benefits you will get in the membership site:

  1. You will access a full training on how to download, edit, and repackage the products.
  2. You will get full training on where and how to sell the products.
  3. You will get a lot of bonuses such as plugging and sales pages for your website.
  4. You might become an affiliate if you so desire.
  5. You can use Digital Products as an ethical bribe to build your email list and own your customers for life.
  6. You can use the courses, training, tutorial for the betterment of your online Business
  7. You can use more than 200 000 + articles as raw material that will inspire you to write an unlimited number of articles on your blog or website.

With this membership site, you are set to start a bright journey and the future is more than bright. All you need to do is to take action now and get to work!


I think that I have done a good job by providing you with all the information for Affiliate Marketing Startup. Let me recap.

  • Affiliate Marketing is a Business Model that gives you the possibility to sell products that you have not created and get commissions. This business gives you the freedom to work at your own pace and terms.
  • ClickBank University is a place where you can get the appropriate training on selling digital products. Registration is free and selling the Products is also free. However customized training is payable. That training is a must for those who wish to do real online entrepreneurship.
  • At Wealthy Affiliate.,  you be trained on how you can build your own website for affiliate marketing. Their training is complementary to ClickBank Training. You will get all the technical support you will ever need and you can start out for free.
  • Traffic is the lifeblood of Online Business. You can either generate organic Traffic or get it through cheap sources. For organic Traffic Generation, you need to understand SEO & SEM. For cheap Traffic Sources, you may refer to this Post.
  • An alternative to affiliate Marketing is selling your Own Digital Products. We have highlighted and proposed a membership site where you can get the training. Here again, is the link:

Instant Access To Over 12500+PLR Products


Tips on how to use our Online Malls:

In order to get the maximum benefice from our malls, do the following:

  1. Click the Mall you are Interested in. The Malls are in 6 categories as listed below:

Largest Online Affiliate Marketing Mall

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Largest SEO and SEM Mall

2. Bookmark the categories you are interested in. This is important for a diligent search. Take time to check the maximum of offers. Bookmarking is also important because we upgrade our Products regularly.

3. Start with a list of 6-10 products. Make further research about the offers you are interested in. For instance, check if the business has a Review or if the Business is listed at the Better Business Bureau.

4. Check if the Business has one of the following secure payments so that you can take a 100% risk-free action. Is PayPal Payment Enable? Does the offer has a ‘Money Back Guarantee? ‘ Does the offer has a free Trial Period. Most of the listed product has a 30-60 Day Money Back Guarantee. This means that, if the product does not perform as stated on the sale page, you can claim back your money and have a refund.

5. Take action and add yourself positively with good software, course, eBook, etc. there is no way you will see money rolling to your bank account or have PayPal alerts without prior investment in the right tools and knowledge. You only reap where you have sown. It is as simple as that. Separate yourself from the army of online failures by doing the right investment for your online business and future today!

To your success,

Barthelemy M.C.

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