How to do Affiliate Marketing Reviews

Affiliate Marketing Basics

If you are new to Internet marketing and just getting started as an affiliate, I highly recommend that you check out the marketplace.
You can find tens of thousands of products to promote on ClickBank that will pay you up to 75% commissions every two weeks.

Products are ranging from health and fitness to tutorials on how to use Photo-Shop, video sets on how to make money online, and more.
Affiliate marketing is the revenue sharing between online product creators and online salespeople. Compensation and pay are based on performance measures, normally in the form of clicks, sales, and registrations.

The many benefits of affiliate marketing and promoting ClickBank products include the potential for making lots of money. You can automate a lot of the advertising process and receive payment only for desired results, which includes sales, registrations, and clicks.

Even though most ClickBank will assume some level of risk with fraud, there is still a level of risk involved. Once you know what you are doing with affiliate marketing, you will be on top well before you know it.

Affiliate marketing also gives you the chance to stand behind products you know and love, be offering links and banners to them on your website. You will receive money for each product purchased that you represent, which is reason enough to participate.

If you have been looking for extra money, affiliate marketing and promoting ClickBank products is the way to go. You can stick with one product creator or go with as many as you need for your business, the ClickBank marketplace has a lot to choose from. Affiliate marketing on the internet
using ClickBank is truly becoming more and more popular – making now the time for you to get your foot in the door.

Affiliate Marketing Reviews

You have checked out a product and got all excited because It is perfect for your list… But there is one major drawback.

The sales page is not up to scratch.

Okay, so that is a tactful way of putting it. The sales page has more screaming capital letters than a sixth-grader discovering how to text message. The colors are making your eyeballs bleed. It is stuffed with links to external sites (and even a big flashing affiliate sign up call) – and you suspect
those blinking arrows have just put you into some sort of seizure.

What Can You Do About It?

You have three options:

1. Give up on that product and move on – but if It is one that is perfect for your list or a highly focused, unique niche starving for that product or solution, that seems rather a waste.

2. Use your hop link to redirect readers directly to your own (re-designed and custom-tailored) sales page.

This is a much better option. After all, why lose out on what could be a hot seller… particularly if others have passed it over, leaving you perfectly positioned to swoop up the brunt of its potential sales!

3. Contact the seller, and check that he or she does not mind if you create your own sales page.

This is just a matter of common courtesy – but It is amazing how many marketers choose to skip this step. Some do this because their theory is if they are going to promote this puppy, it had better bark or they are not wasting their time, and the vendor can just deal with it.
Others skip this step because they are afraid the vendor will be offended and say “no”.

If this sounds like you, there is no need for any angst. Asking to use your own sales page is all in the positioning: Do it right, and the answer is likely to be a pleased “yes, of course!”

What Not to Do

Whatever you do, do not contact the vendor, and say, “Hey, your sales page sucks. I got to rewrite it, looks like a chimp went berserk in the dark, with a set of fluorescent paints and a banana.”

This might well be true – but I guarantee that, the more garish the site, the more flashing and sparkly-warkly components assaulting your eyes, the prouder that vendor is going to be of the horrible little beast. (Yes, she probably designed it herself.)

A better way to position your indecent proposal is something more along the lines of: “That’s a great product and a dynamic sales page, but my list tends to be a conservative bunch who think beige is too much color on a wall. Would you be okay with me writing a sales letter that they’re
going to be so comfortable with, so it brings us both more sales?”

Try it this way, and I can virtually guarantee a 99% “yes” answer rate.

But there is one last option to consider…

Maybe your list would respond well to flashing arrows and fire-engine red backgrounds! If this is a new niche you are only just starting to harvest, spend at least two seconds considering this thought.

After all, It is all about presenting what appeals to your target market – not to your finely-honed aesthetic senses!

Affiliate Marketing Reviews And SEO

I can see you shaking your head already at the idea of writing a review with search engine optimization in mind. You are afraid – rightly – of coming up with an unreadable review… perhaps even one that Google will penalize.

You have quickly learned that relevancy and keeping it “real” is what reviews are all about. “You should never write for the search engines!”

That is quite true. The most important aspect of any review is to create an honest one that speaks directly, friend to friend, to your reader.

But that does not mean you cannot use your review format intelligently and boost your SEO a little in the process. After all, part of the whole principle of “being the best you can be” involves doing everything you can to achieve strong results.

Let us start with an overlooked component of your review – your introductory paragraph. It is an axiom in creative writing that one should always throw out the first paragraph because writers tend to take too long “warming up”.

The same thing applies to write affiliate marketing reviews. Get down to business straight away. Open with a punchy sentence that makes your reader blink – but then, straight away, tell him which product you are going to be reviewing. Add a sentence or two about what, who, why, and
where. (Sounds like a press release, does not it?)

This is one of the few times when creative writing and marketing reviews run parallel courses for a harmonious moment or two.

Generally, when a reader is buried in a fiction novel, he likes surprises.
When someone is earnestly seeking the solution to a problem, however, they like to know what they will be getting – so they can decide if reading your review is going to be worth their time.

A good introductory paragraph fulfills all these requirements – and sets your reader up for a useful and enjoyable use of his time.

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